• Amanda Cale

AdventHealth World of Wellness Offers Disney Guests Access to Healthcare Services while on Vacation

Getting sick while at Walt Disney World Resorts is never a good thing, but the expanded health care partnership between AdventHealth and Walt Disney World Resort will give families a piece of mind while vacationing in the most magical place in the world. AdventHealth has provided additional details on what families can expect from AdventHealth and Walt Disney World Resorts.

Vacation should be a break from worries — but not from trusted health care. So while you’re planning your trip to Walt Disney World®, AdventHealth is preparing for your family’s health care needs. AdventHealth will provide the health resources you need so your family can feel whole in body, mind and spirit. That means you can spend more time packing, prepping and getting excited, and less time worrying about staying well.
AdventHealth offers Walt Disney World® Resort Guests access to a nationally ranked care network. You’ll be connected to the services you need in our local community before you arrive and during your visit. Because when you feel prepared, you’re able to relax, play and vacation to the fullest.

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